Born: 1987
Height:   5"5
Eye Color: green/ brown
Haircolor: copper
Place of Birth: Gross-Gerau, Germany
Place of Residence: Berlin, Germany
  Hamburg, Frankfurt/M. Cologne, Munich
  Detroit, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles (USA)
Languages: German (mother tongue)
  English  (excellent)
  French  (school)
  Spanish (school)
Special Singing                          
Talents: (Pop, Jazz, Musical)
  (Jazz, Ball Room, Latin)
  Stage Combat

(Fist Fight, Sword Fight,



Horseback Riding, Skiing

Ice Skating

Education:                                     Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama, Hamburg
  Acting Studio Berlin:

- Camera Acting 

  (Monika Schubert)


- Masterclass Scene Study

  (Monika Schubert)


- Workshop Personality

  (Karin Kleibel)


- Personality, Positioning, Casting

  (Monika Schubert)